Tina and I want to thank you and your team for the beautiful landscaping work you did on our home, your expertise truly help us make great choices. Your care, patience and knowledge in the design really helped us decide on the layout of our front yard.

Also for guiding us with the trees, plants, shrubs, flowers and the irrigation system upgrade. It's been about a month and 1/2 and we are still getting compliments! Tim once again THANK YOU, you are more than landscaper, you are a true ARTIST!"

Jesse & Tina M.

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"In October 2020, we decided we'd had enough with our back lawn - or what was left of it. With a new puppy we'd gone from a weak lawn to a dust patch. After discussing options such as fake grass, we opted to go for a complete replacement with fresh sod for the whole area. After searching for local vendors on-line we found Dooling Landscape Service. Tim and his team were first rate. Tim came out to do the initial inspection where he patiently talked through the process, the type of sod, the ability to re-use portions of our watering system, and options such as materials for the border and some other items we were interested in. Tim was patient with all the questions, provided multiple quotes to accommodate a couple of variations we were discussing, and made us feel comfortable. We favored a local team since they know our climate, the soil types in the area, and were able to look at options on his site of people in our area that were successful.

The install process went smoothly. The team communicated their schedules clearly, worked efficiently and completed the job as promised. Tim then provided detailed watering schedules, as well as advice on when to start cutting and how to maintain during the sods fledgling growth period.

I highly recommend Dooling Landscape Service."

Leon B.

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"After two years of thinking about and researching a landscape project we chose Tim Dooling to do the job. Tim is so easy to work with and his crew is talented and clean. We are completely satisfied with the work he did in every aspect. Plus, he had good ideas and never got annoyed when we added or changed something along the way. We recommend Tim, without reservation, for any landscape project."

Donny S., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"Hi Tim,

Just wanted to thank you and your team for stopping by this morning and addressing the issues we reviewed. They were of course prompt, very professional and did an excellent job! Please thank them.

On the side, I hear some of your team have been with you a very long time. Congratulations on putting together a successful formula! From my perspective, you're starting beautiful gardens while helping many people."

With High Regards,

"Tim is easy to work with and practical. He made suggestions that were better than my plans, and saved me money! My place looks great."

~ Sharon M., Morgan Hill, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"Tim turned our formerly ragged and neglected little front yard in to the showplace of our neighborhood! Our dream was to have a rainbow of plants throughout the seasons and put as many as we could have in yard with two large, shady oak trees. We also wanted to hide a neighbor's bordering dog fence, have a lawn put in under the oak trees and have a watering system installed. Because Tim didn't immediately respond to our Angie's List email, I thought he might be too busy to take us on, but luckily he had only delayed contacting us because he couldn't give us his full attention until the following week. When Tim came out our house, he was extremely responsive to our ideas, never forcing his expertise on us. Tim looked at the sketches we had worked up and we spoke for about 45 minutes, then Tim went outside to survey and measure. When he came back in he had written up a detailed proposal and a quote for our job. He said his team could start the following week and then he invited us to meet him the following day at a huge nursery to pick out plants.

Fast forward two weeks. The workman did a superb job and Tim's design for the space totally worked. Tim kept in constant contact to answer questions and to make sure we knew what was happening, and our yard is the latest buzz of the neighborhood! Tomorrow he'll be providing us with a plant map so we can learn all the names of our new plants and he'll show us what we need to know to about the very sophisticated, but easy to operate, sprinkler system.

If I can attach pictures to this review I will, but if you want to see the result just drive by our place in the day time. We plan to do the back yard once we have saved some money and won't consider working with anyone but Dooling!"

~ Clifford T., Los Altos, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"We were very happy with Tom and his crew. They arrived on time and did a great job. Price was very reasonable. We would recommend Dooling Landscape Service to anyone!!!!"

~ Fred K., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"Tim Dooling and his crew did a fabulous job of redoing my backyard. They removed all of the pavers that covered my yard, took out the old sprinklers that didn't work, took out the plants that I didn't want to save and re-did it with a beautiful patio and walkways in decomposed granite, built inviting arbors, put in lighting and a fountain and put in all of the plants that my landscape designer called for. Tim and all of his crew were easy to work with, had some good ideas themselves that we incorporated, were always on time and were reasonably priced. I consider it a "garden" now, not a yard. You can see my garden on his website doolinglandscape.com under latest projects. I am very happy with the work."

~ Ann H., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"I hired Tim to re-sod and expand irrigation in my backyard in mid-March after getting prices from two other landscape firms. Tim's price beat one of them by 25% and the other by 15%, and the latter did not include any tilling or even the extra soil that would have been needed so Tim would have beaten that by probably 25% or more as well (and neither included expanded irrigation if needed). Net, his price was far more reasonable than the other companies. He also removed a medium sized tree and coordinated stump/root removal. Tim's crew, which was very competent, amiable and easy to work with, did an excellent job in preparing the area, installing the extra irrigation, laying the sod and doing daily cleanup over the multi-day job. Special thanks to his foreman, who is extremely competent, makes sure things are done just right and may be the hardest worker among them. The completed job was beautiful. After a couple months, a few brown spots developed where even the impressive numbers and layout of irrigation heads were not covering certain areas well enough (I had thought it might be grubs); I contacted Tim and he returned within a week to inspect and conclude it was a watering problem. A few days after that his crew returned to replace the grass that would not come back and install a few more strategically placed sprinkler heads to ensure total coverage.

Tim is a very nice man, reliable and most importantly honest. We worked with only the estimate and no real signed contract, and in the end the invoice was just as we had agreed per estimate and other verbal agreements along the way (he provided good suggestions for and installed some replacement plants I needed). I am tough to please but really can't find any fault with his work.

I highly recommend Tim and would re-hire him in the future if we have other landscape needs."

~ Paul C., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"We hired Tim and his crew to replace our backyard sod this weekend. Tim was very responsive, super-flexible with our challenging schedule, and very reliable. The backyard looks great, his crew was very professional, and even re-aligned our sprinklers (no more watering the concrete!), which was a nice touch. I would hire them again in a heartbeat."

~ Lisa M., Raleigh, NC

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"I cannot say enough good things about Tim and his crew, they are simply the best landscapers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Several months ago I hired Tim to come in and remove a failed sod install that contracted a fungus (previous landscaper was horrible) and redo the entire lawn. Tim and his crew arrived on time each day and left the yard cleaner than it was when they arrived! I think one review on here mentions that Tim is difficult to contact, all I can say is that Tim can be a little delayed in returning calls / emails, but he has never failed to get back to me. I can also assume that this is due to him being very busy, which I would think is a good sign. I will definitely be using Tim and his team for future jobs. His pricing definitely seems fair, not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive, but for the quality of work it is one hell of a bargain!"

~ Vincent M., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"I had a different landscaper landscape my front and back yard about 5 years ago but the sprinklers never worked right and often had leaks. Because the sprinklers didn't work well, the lawn and plants always had brown spots or just died. I asked Tim if he could fix my yard and whoa boy did he. My sprinkler system is awesome and my lawns both front and back are always green. He also planted many plants/flowers and now I truly enjoy being in my yard. It's been over a year since he did the work and only had one minor problem when the gardner broke the sprinkler head and Tim was quick to respond and fixed it. I have referred many others to Tim and would highly recommend his services."

~ Shauna R., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"Dooling did a total rehab of my back yard, and I couldn't be happier. Tim came up with ideas that work with my space and are dog friendly. The cost was fair, the service excellent and the completion timely."

~ Pam D., Santa Clara, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"Tim, Augustin and team replaced my falling over fence and my dying front lawn. They also gave me a nice little path along my side yard so that I can have an area for a cutting bed. It all looks amazing! I had no idea the amount of work these guys do to make a front & side yard look well. The amount of roots removed, the thought that went into the watering & lighting systems and the craftsmanship of the fence all means lasting beauty and a warm welcome to all who now come to my front door. Thank you Dooling Landscape!"

~ Zoey C., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"Dooling Landscape is the best deal in the South Bay. I searched Yelp and asked around to get quotes for sodding of our front lawn. Not only was Dooling the best price, but I can't imagine the quality of the service being any better. Tim explained the process several times and was very thorough. His employees were very professional and did a great job. We're really excited about our new lawn and it looks beautiful. We will definitely contact Dooling Landscape for any future work that may need to be done, possibly our backyard!"

~ Andy P., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings

"Simply put, you can't go wrong with Dooling Landscape! I actually felt strong enough about the level of service I got to create this account and do my first Yelp review. We are first-time landscapers, and were working with a very limited budget to deal with landscaping. The home we got was in dire need of help, as all the previously existing landscaping had died off. All that was left was dirt and weeds.

We dealt directly with Tim, and found him to be extremely professional, helpful, and very respectful of our home and our ideas. He came out several times to look over the land and discuss our ideas, as well as share many of his own at our request. He was great in that he would listen to us for exactly what we wanted, but also respectfully share subtle changes that would be for the better of the design. To be thorough, we did get several quotes. While Dooling's was not the absolute lowest we got in terms of price, he was VERY affordable compared to the others...especially when you factor in the level of service we were already getting.

When it came time to finalizing the design, Tim took us down to the local nursery where he would be getting our actual plantings. He was patient and very informative as we walked the entire nursery discussing our ideas and his of what should go where. When we were done, we had physically seen most of the plants and trees that were actually going to be in our yard.

As the project began, Tim was in constant communication with us on progress and timing. He started and completed the project in a very timely manner, and right on schedule with his promise! We now have a new sprinkler system, new sod for front lawn, and beautifully arranged plantings and redwood compost surrounding the front. He also did exterior lighting for the landscaping, highlighting the focal points in the landscaping along with pathway lighting.

All in all, this was an amazing experience for us watching our yard transform. We have heard many horror stories about service for new home-buyers, but I can honestly say that Tim Dooling exceeded our hopes at every turn.

I will update this review with pictures soon, as well as a future review on the backyard...we will definitely be giving Tim a call for that soon!"

~ Matthew S., San Jose, CA

Dooling Landscape Customer Ratings